the perks of my job

I am fortunate enough to say that I work with animals at the local Humane Society. It is an amazing job but it is an emotionally charged one. My job does have it’s  drags, bummers, sighs and cries. I have to say my favorite part of the job is when I get to spend part of a morning or afternoon taking pictures of the cats. The pictures I take are later used in adoption profiles and online ads to help them get adopted.

It can be very difficult to take pictures of cats because they don’t sit like dogs. You just can’t wave a jerky treat in front of them to behave. If the cat isn’t napping or lounging it can prove challenging, especially if all they want to do is sit right on your lap or play away from you. I usually try to get a close up of the cat I have out and leave it at that. It takes me about half an hour for a difficult, unphotogenic cat.


One afternoon I had the pleasure of shooting some pictures of Tuttles who is a young tortoiseshell. Normally I don’t care for Tortoiseshells because they have what is called a”Torti-tude”. But this little girl was a pleasant surprise!  However….





I had a few failed attempts of getting a serious face shot so I decided to play with Tuttles instead.


When Tuttles saw a toy that was hung up on the wall, I got my camera out and clicked away.








I don’t think Tuttles enjoyed her play session as much as I enjoyed watching her. She definitely made my day.

Oh yeah and in the end I finally got the picture I needed from her.


It was a great photo shoot because fun was had by all!


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